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Pilates and Rebekah in the NEWS

Providence Journal Bulletin - Bob Thayer
Smiles and Stretches
Who says exercising is hard work?
Rebekah smiling in Piltes Mat Class - Teacher/Student

YMCA closing was shocking to seniors

Hudson Reporter - Letter to Editor
We seniors are former members of the YMCA, which closed abruptly March 19. We lost our four day-a-week exercise classes for seniors which included yoga, aerobics, and weight training, all taught by our marvelous instructor, Rebekah Aramini Lupo. For us it was shocking that something so good was so unceremoniously taken away from us....read the full article.

Time to Get in Shape Seniors

Hoboken 411

Senior Yoga Hoboken 411..At the Multi-Service Center (2nd & Grand) – a yoga class just for Seniors “55 and over.” The class will be run by fitness instructor Rebekah Aramini Lupo, who says “Wellness and fitess should be a discovery process not a chore. There is magic inside each of us – we just need to tap into it to allow it to be realized.” She specializes in Pilates and Yoga.

Also big ups to Tom Foley – who runs the Hoboken Division of Senior Services. Read the article at: http://hoboken411.com/archives/49602.