"Sweat happens when muscles cry tears of happiness." REBEKAH ARAMINI LUPO

Cardio / Aerobics / Toning

Cardio Classes / Aerobics / Toning

"Flowing, Smooth, Strong. You can Feel the Energy. Rebekah is in the house!!"

"I had the pleasure of experiencing Rebekah's step and kick box classes and miss them dearly. They say everyone excels at something and Rebekah excels in many areas, with this being her finest. She is a born leader and has enriched many lives with her training methods. I wish she was back in front of my classroom, but realize that is being selfish, and there are many people out there who will be fortunate to have her help them reach their exercise goals."   Paul J. Lotito

Rebekah teaches a variety of aerobic classes including: Spinning/Cycle, Step, Reebok Core Classes, Slide, Hi-impact and Low-impact Aerobics and Interval training classes.


TONING / WEIGHTS: Rebekah trains individuals one on one or in a group format. The classes vary from Interval training, Bootcamp, Upper Toning Classes, Silver Sneaker Weights for older adults and many other styles. The classes are creatively designed by Rebekah to move quickly to fun music. Proper stretching is also included.

CORE: The Reebok Core Board is a reactive training system that has omni-directional tilt, twist and torque capabilities. The unique property of recoil causes the body / board to act / react. The result is a fun and challenging workout that will improve functional strength, agility and overall performance. Best of all, anyone from a novice exerciser to a competitive athlete can use and benefit from Reebok Core Training! The Reebok Core Board was developed based on a design by Alex McKechnie, P.T., the physical therapist to Canada’s World Cup Soccer Team; consultant for the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks and the NBA’s Lakers.

STEP: Step aerobics is a form of aerobic activity, which is performed on a platform that usually ranges from 4" to 10" in height. Step training was developed to provide a low-impact activity that is both challenging and interesting. Step Aerobics is one of the most beneficial aerobic exercises we can perform for the amount of time spent. Cathe Friedrich is a pioneer in advanced fitness videos. She is credited with making one of the first step aerobic videos in 1988 and helped start a movement that is known today as "Power Stepping". Gin Miller, best known for having created Step aerobics, joined Reebok in 1989 as a member of the Reebok University Master Trainer team and Creative Director for Step Training. Through out the last decade, Gin has appeared in a series of step videos by Reebok.

" Flowing, Smooth, Strong. You can Feel the Energy. Rebekah is in the house!!" Paul J. Lotito